Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Nice of you to drop by. So...you are new here. Let me give you the tour. 
This blog was created as a way for me to share my creations with people like you. Please don't plagiarize, comment rude things, or hurt anyone on here! Feel free to comment ideas about what I write. I am open to making changes to my writing.
*Also, remember the blog may look a little different from this post. I will try to add all the new stuff each time something big changes. The newest stuff will be added to the top*

New Page Update! This is the current blog look as of 11/29/14

This is the whole page currently. 11/14/14

New pages have been added! The links to my social media are now on a separate page(highlighted). Also poems are added every Wednesday(Red) and Doodling Doodles are posted whenever until I set a day in stone for them.  Also note that "My Stories" have been changed to "Stimulating Stories".

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Click these buttons that lead you directly to my social media pages. Make sure to come back to see what new accounts I will add! (THESE HAVE BEEN MOVED TO A NEW PAGE! THEY ARE NOW UNDER MY SOCIAL MEDIA AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE!)

This is the HOME page. 
Click this picture to read all about me, or you can click the "My Obsession" tab at the top.

The "My Stories" tab is where I will post all my stories. Later on, there will be poems and other things, but I haven't gotten there yet. :)

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