My Obsession

Hello there...Glad you stopped by!

I am just a young writer with an old passion. Many don't understand why or how I write. Most don't believe that I could write at such a high level for my age. I just know how to express myself, but only through pen and paper. I wasn't one to share my work with anyone, let alone the internet. I felt it was time to give myself a chance. I was interested in seeing how others would respond to my writing. You may notice that I use my name a lot in my stories. I am never the character, but everything I write, I daydream about. I use my name in my stories to help myself really connect to the character. I never picture myself as them, but I somehow can walk in their shoes. All my life I have been an writer/artists. It's a passion that I have grasped easily in my palms, never expecting to take it this far. I am the kind of person who can take a so little and go a long way. I never understood why some people didn't like to writer. I guess they could say the same about why I love it so much. I am the kind of person who will sit behind you while you type, while trying not to add input. Although, I usually can't hold it in. We all watch the world go by, but it goes by so fast; little time do we have to stop and contemplate it. Life is my paper, and with my pen I shall write my own path. 

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