Friday, November 28, 2014

A Hectic Week

   First, let me apologize for my neglecting behavior to this page for the past week. This week has been full of "fun" surprises. I'm sure your's was too. From Thursday to Monday, I was sick. From Tuesday to Thursday was a Thanksgiving mess. Now I finally have the chance to sit down and just write away to relaxation. 

   Happy Belated Thanksgiving to those who celebrate; I hope your day was as fun as ours. I think I could say our Thanksgiving went as well as any Thanksgiving would go. We had two days of cleaning and decorating madness. We spent the night before Thanksgiving creating menus and little table fancies. The sugar cookies were accidentally burnt, but we were able to make a homemade dough which turned out better than the Pillsbury tube, All that beside, we had a pretty good Thanksgiving.  I hope you guys had an awesome week. Next up on my list is to upload Part 4 of "Because I Love You". I still have some other posts coming down the road to work on. Busy night for me! 

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