Sunday, November 2, 2014

Just the Other Day....

 I had the most awkward, yet interesting conversation with a college freshman about hot chocolate in the commons area today at KSU. I was just waiting in line for some coffee, minding my own business and eating my ice cream cone. The guy looked back, saw I was behind him and turned around. He had on glasses similar to mine(but for guys), a video gaming shirt, and his backpack(new and empty). He asked,"You here for the hot chocolate?" I was slightly offended that he expected me to be too young for coffee, because I was not the average age to be in college. I shook my head no, because I had a mouth full of ice cream. He continued, "Oh, I'm getting hot chocolate. There's a machine over there, but they were out of cups. This you're first time here?" I shook my head no again. He said,"Oh, this is my first time here. I came here this morning and got the hot chocolate. It's really good.(What is it with this guy and hot chocolate?)"I smiled, because this guy was screaming I"M A FRESHMAN! lol... you gotta love freshman, they are so hilarious. I know I'm not a college student, but at least my older friend has taught me the do's and don'ts to pass as a college kid on campus when we go hang out there. It was funny when the semester first started. We were walking around picking out the freshman. They don't make it that hard to spot them.

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